Elec Simon "Stomps" His Way Into Marlington Elementary Kids' Hearts

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

In an assembly on September 28th, renowned percussionist Elec Simon arrived at Marlington High School to showcase his anti-bullying campaign to a gathering of our three elementaries. Accompanied by his backing band, Simon gave a performance that the kids will most likely never forget; one that featured as much impressive drumming as positive anti-bullying sentiments for the children to grasp onto.

Simon, an Ohio Valley native, has been performing this campaign around schools in Ohio for a number of years now. A former member of the critically acclaimed musical “Stomp”, and a current soloist for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ “Qstix” squad - he has built a staggering reputation as one of this state’s most accomplished modern-day percussionists. It is refreshing to see him take his notoriety and apply it to such a caring cause such as this campaign, as he utilizes the art of musical performance to instill a sense of advocating against bullying within the lyrical themes of more than a few of his songs.

As the hoard of elementary kids huddled closely together inside of the MHS gym, Simon echoed personal anecdotes of his past experiences with bullying, and how they shaped him as the person he is today. He made sure to advise to the young, impressionable children that acts of bullying and other harmful actions against their peers could potentially lead to much worse consequences in the future. His words were a lot for the kids to take in, but the message was surely sent.

Simon engaged with the students in a number of ways that centered around music including: leading a wave of hands in the air, having the kids clap to the beat of his drumming, and all-around just entertaining the crowd with an active and lively atmosphere that showcased the importance of his points in full.

The significance of a performance such as the one that the elementary children were treated with did not go unnoticed by any amount of people that were there to see it. Teachers and parents alike were seen walking out of the high school with huge smiles on their faces; almost as big as the one’s the kids were sporting on their own way out. The event brought the best out of advocating against bullying in schools, and all three elementaries were fortunate enough to have it offered to them by an Ohio native.

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