EBC Leadership Camp

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

While Marlington students were in school, eight sophomores attended the Eastern EBC Leadership Conference at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum on October 1st.

Sophomores attending were Alison Landon, Alexis Sabatino, William Lanzer, Ashley Closky, Liam Blake, Ethan Wiesent, Connor Evanich, and Pilar Montelongo.

Mr. Miller, Marlington’s athletic director, puts his say into the event and the thought that goes into it.

“Mrs. Mitchell and I [are the ones who chose the students]. We try to pick sophomores who we feel will be future leaders and we try to pick people from multiple sports. We hope that the ones who went learned how to be leaders because they will be eventually and the other hope is just meeting people from other schools and learning that although we go to a different school, we’re not all that different. We all share struggles.”

West Branch, Carrollton, Minerva, Canton South, Alliance, and Salem took a variety of seniors, juniors, sophomores, but little to no freshmen.

There were many activities around the campground. Along with a speaker, Anthony Shivers which was chosen by Salem’s Athletic Director which hosted this year's camp.

Shivers is an alumni from Salem and went to the University of Notre Dame with a scholarship for throwing in track. He had accomplished a lot throughout high school. He lettered all four years, and by his junior year, he was winning invitationals, conferences, and regionals right and left also winning Ohio D2 state championship.

He explained to the students strategies he used to get him through college such as making schedules and finding your time wasters and learning no to stay away from them.

One thing that stood out about Shivers was how he showed leadership through high school. He stated that he’d be an example to others by doing the right thing. He would show up fifteen minutes early to practice to stretch and not slack off during practice when the coaches were not looking.

When first arriving students stayed with their schools until the camp leaders had them moving around with basic activities. Students were to stand in a circle with one in the middle. The student had to say their name and one thing they liked, then everyone who liked the same thing had to switch spots and whoever was the last one to switch was in the middle.

Next years camp will be hosted by West Branch.

Writer's note: Writer participated in the EBC Leadership Camp.

On the way back to school, we discussed what we enjoyed about this camp. As a whole, we agreed that we liked meeting new people from other schools. We all got along and had fun, but one thing that we would all change would be having more teen-like games.


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