Dunk and Go Nuts

Marlington faced Carrollton at home on January 24, they finished the game 61-45 with Pucci leading the way.

Photo taken by Pilar Montelongo on January 21

Andrew Pucci lead the team with 18 points while Cameron Bennett and Connor Evanich followed closely behind adding 17 and 15 points.

Marlington pushed Carrollton throughout the game causing 2 turnovers and scoring off 5 steals. The Dukes held the lead from the beginning of the game, forcing Carrollton to rush their offense.

In the first half, Marlington struggled with fouls as all but one of the starters received at least 2 fouls before the end of the second quarter. Andrew Pucci ended the first quarter with a dunk at the buzzer. The Dukes ended the half 32-16.

Photo taken by Pilar Montelongo on January 21

As the second half commenced, Marlington was quick to break Carrollton’s pressure and move to a 19 point lead. Senior point guard Will Cooley saw the floor and shot passes into the paint for Bennett.

During the fourth, Marlington relaxed the tempo of the game and moved the ball around on offense to find the open shot. With 2 minutes left in the game, Coach Evanich started subbing the underclassmen into the game, giving them more time on the court.

Marlington’s season overall record is 8-7 and 6-2 in the EBC. They face West Branch on Tuesday, January 28 for an EBC showdown for first place.


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