Dukes Fall Short After Thrilling Comeback in the Third

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This past Wednesday, the Marlington Girls Basketball team took on Perry. With the girls playing a federal league team, Marlington knew they would need to give all they had to win. Although this proved not enough with the game ending 51 - 46 in favor of Perry.

As the game commenced Perry took the lead fast and kept Marlington on their toes. Perry pushed Marlington in the first quarter, ending the quarter 7 - 18.

Alivia Lepley drives past the defense. Photos by Alliance Review.

As the second quarter started Marlington fell farther behind with Perry jumping to a 18 point lead. As turnovers and fouls added up for Marlington, the quarter ended 34 - 16 with Perry still in the lead.

The game seemed set in stone for Perry to win until Marlington came out and shut Perry down in the third. With Alivia Lepley leading the team defensively and offensively, Marlington shut Perry down allowing them to only score 4 points the entire quarter. Marlington switched up their playing style and kicked into high gear as they evened out the playing field 33 - 38.

Mary Mason knocks the ball away. Photos by Alliance Review.

The girls took to the boards as Alivia Lepley had 25 points, Leah Springer scored 9 points, Maria Ferrett with 6 points, and Allison Lacher with 4 points. Lepley hitting clutch threes in the final minutes and Springer adding up the steals, Marlington closed the distance between them and Perry.

The Marlington Girls play again this Saturday at home against Salem.

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