Coach Balderson's Legacy

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Our beloved head football coach and social studies teacher Mr. Balderson has decided to begin a new chapter of his life at GlenOak High School. As I spoke with him about his decision to leave Marlington, we looked back on memories and his legacy as a successful football coach and teacher.

“How did the opportunity come about to go back to the federal league with GlenOak?”

“They actually contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to sit down and talk about a possible interest...and then it just kinda snowballed from there.”

“You just finished a winning season that went to playoffs. Do you feel you are leaving a team and staff behind that can carry on your winning legacy?”

“Yes, I think that the guys are actually going to be really good and contend for the league title, especially if they hire the right guy to come in here who I think will do a really good job. That’s the hardest part about leaving is the kids that I’ve really grown close to over the last few years.”

Coach Balderson will be joined at GlenOak by Coach Flaherty from Marlington.

“What do you want to be remembered as?”

“Just a person that not only coached football but cared about the kids around here.”

“What will you miss about Marlington as a whole?”

“The people. I’ll definitely miss the kids and the people around [Marlington].”

Among Coach Balderson’s favorite memories was being able to relive his years as a football player for Marlington in a different perspective. “It’s a really unique situation”. Mr. Balderson will be sorely missed by his players, students and fellow staff-members, thus we wish him good luck and fortune in this new adventure at GlenOak High School.

Cover image contributed by Madison Bryant.

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