Click It Before It’s Too Late: Holiday Edition

It does not matter if shopping is done in-store or online for the holidays; it is still a hassle.

Online shopping has increased dramatically over the years. Approximately 224.1 million people in the U.S. shop online and by 2040 it is expected that 95% of purchases will be online. but wouldn’t people go to the store to shop for the holidays?

There are several reasons to why this happens. People are always searching for better prices and more variety. Who would want to get dressed to go shopping? Shoppers can stay at home, enjoy a cup of coffee and snuggle under a blanket all while getting presents for the holidays.

Additionally, who wants to drive in the snow or freezing temperature? There would be no waiting in line to pay and no screaming children. Shopping online allows customers to buy 24/7.

Giving gifts couldn’t be any easier. Online stores like Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Kohl’s and Macy’s will even wrap the presents and send them to who you desire.

On the other hand, if online shopping sounds too good to be true, it might be. Shipping always seems to be a problem. Packages can get damaged, lost, delivered to the wrong address and delayed.

If shopping from small or unreliable websites, there is also always a chance of fraud. One could receive counterfeit products or an increased chance of credit card scams.

While being on a screen isn’t always adequate for human interactions, shopping in stores allows one to be a part of your community. Customers could also ask for help from the employees.

Shipping back unwanted purchases can be complicated. Some stores like Kohls allow customers from Amazon to send purchases back through Kohl’s.

When shopping online or in-store, items aren’t always in stock. One day it could be there but the next it could be gone.

For this holiday season, keep in mind the pros and cons of shopping online or in stores. It might save the holidays or make it a disaster.


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