• Mikayla Robinson

Bugara and Cox Make Waves in Swimming History

By: Mikayla Robinson and Nia Lambdin

In Marlington’s history, only a few individuals have been given the opportunity to swim at a state meet.

This year, sophomore, Balia Bugara and freshman, Claire Cox were selected to compete in this year’s state meet and were also named All Ohio.

All Ohio is a prestigious group of people ranked 16th and up in the state of Ohio for swimming. These girls were ranked 14th and 16th in the state.

The state meet was Bugara’s second time attending and she had focused and trained all season for the meet.

She mentions that “I was pretty confident about it [state].” “I practice in the mornings before school, after school, and then I lift after school too.” “He [Coach Maher] would talk to me after practice and motivate me every day to just try my best even if I can’t do it. Just keep trying my hardest.”

Cox had the opportunity to see what a state meet was like her first year of being on the High School swim team.

When asked what got her to All Ohio she states,” Practicing every day and putting all my time into swimming.” “He [Coach Maher] has certain sets for us to do and what you specialize in and he pushed us every single day.”

Cox advises future swimmers to “Just go with the process, just practice every day, and put your time into doing it.”

Bugara also advised others to “Just keep working hard, keep working at it and practice always makes you better so keep practicing.”


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