Boys Soccer Wins District Title By Defeating Coventry

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Another year, another district title.

Last Saturday housed yet another playoff victory for the varsity boys soccer team, this time resulting in a district title. The boys defeated Coventry 2-0 at Canton South High School, advancing them to regionals.

The game proved to be yet another display of Marlington Soccer at its finest, with tough defense throughout the entire game. Keeper Colton Wade earned yet another playoff shutout, making many key saves down the line that continuously halted the Coventry offense.

Adam Ryan scored on a follow from another shot midway through the first half, and David Sutton provided his own goal off of a PK in the second. While scoring stayed relatively low, it was all the team needed to propel them to victory.

In the regional semifinals, the boys will take on Revere at Ravenna High School. The team hopes to continue their hot streak in the playoffs as they continue, meaning that this game is just another challenge for them to overcome. They have found a great line between a sense of urgency and confidence, and for their season to continue, this sentiment will have to be kept up.

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