• Savanah Angel

Bowlers: Keep Your Minds Out of the Gutter

On Monday February 3rd, the Marlington Dukes bowling team took on the New Philly Quakers. Although the boys and girls bowlers fought long and hard the entire match, both teams took a loss.

For the girls, the ending score was 1803-1824. High game for the Dukes was Alex Lemaster with a 200, along with a high series of 382. Paige Keller had a high game of 201 and a 346 high series for the Quakers.

For the boys, the game ended with 1732-2401. High game for the Dukes was Keegan Lambdin with a 167 and a high series of 314. Jake Whitman led the Quakers with a high game of 256 and a high series of 472.

The Dukes travel to AMF Lanes on Tuesday, February 4th to take on the Canton South Wildcats.


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