“Be Strong!”

On Friday, the boy’s basketball team took a falling defeat against Alliance. After a hard-fought game, the final score came down to 61-63.

During the first quarter, the Dukes battled to keep their lead while the Aviators followed closely behind.

By half, both teams were able to score 17 points which lead to an intense third quarter.

Coming out of the locker room, the Dukes knew their potential ending the quarter, 46 to 44.

As the fans cheered and the coaches yelled, points kept going back and forth. It wasn’t until the last few seconds when the Aviators were able to find an open 3-point shot ending the game, 61-63.

Marlington’s top scorers of the night were Andrew Pucci with 28 points, Cameron Bennett with 16, and Connor Evanich with 13.

Coach Evanich, when asked if this game was towards more mental or physical strength, responded: “We want to be strong with the basketball. Strong on the rebounds grab it with two hands, but we also want to be mentally strong and make sure we play our keys on defense.”

“A couple of times we didn’t force players to use their left hand, we let them go right. Which is something we talked about. So that is the mental part. “

After interviewing Coach Evanich about the game the Dukes hope to be mentally prepared for their upcoming game versus the Minerva Lions at home on Tuesday at 7.


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