A Necessity For Change - Student Perspective on Issue 3

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Marlington Community is seeing possibly its most decisive and controversial ballot issue since its inception. The decision to vote for a single consolidated elementary along with renovations towards the standing

facilities in the district has split the members of the community in half.

Opposers of the passing of this levy cry out in droves: “Protect Marlington’s future, vote no on Issue 3.” What is lost in the notions that surround this message is that voting no has no bounds in protecting anything within these schools, let alone the children. The future can be positively solidified by voting for this issue; Marlington so desperately needs a consolidated elementary, along with improvements to the high school. As a local student that has experienced these schools’ unpleasant and unacceptable conditions, I can say with sincere confidence that this is the only way to constitute improvement within this district.

In over fifty years of operation, Marlington’s educational buildings - most notably the three elementary schools - have seen next to no renovations whatsoever. As prominently as these issues have been displayed throughout the community, it is paramount to bring them to attention yet again. Leaking roofs, decrypted basements, molding walls, and no air conditioning or heating systems are just a few of the staggering examples of poor conditions that students of all ages must endure.

Sitting through these conditions for the past four years has left me with all too many experiences to recount. Opposers of this issue may not know how it feels to sit in an 88-degree classroom trying to take an exam in June. They also can’t see the mass amount of blankets that kids carry throughout the school in the colder months, or the embarrassment that us students feel when we have to walk around the buckets that catch water from the leaking roofs in the hallways.

Of course an 18 year-old such as myself would think these things. It’s natural for a young adult to realize the conditions that surround them. But think about the children in the elementaries; these conditions are being normalized for them at such a young age, likely prompting them to believe that this is just how things are around this district. They simply don’t have the awareness to realize that these conditions are unacceptable. This sentiment proves exactly why we need to pass this issue.

Despite the rage amongst tax increases and an attempt to keep the nostalgia of these outdated buildings alive, this bond issue must be passed in order to improve the future of Marlington. I don’t want my future children to gain an education in an unsafe, unfit, and unpleasant environment. Marlington must consolidate and renovate for the most optimal prospects to align.

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