A Close to a Season

The dukes had an end their 2019-2020 football season while taking on the alliance aviators in a 35-41 (Aviators) game due to a collection of incomplete passes, fumbles, and $2500 worth of stakes.

First Quarter 0-7- Nik Tortola catches the ball from the Aviators kick-off and attempts to run it back.

This game was chosen by the Cleveland Browns to be sponsored and offered whoever came out on top 2500 Dollars in prize money for their team. Because of this, the energy from both sides of fans was exhilarating and pumped up the teams for the competition.

The game began with Alliance taking a fast lead in the very first minute. Marlington quickly took to action. The Dukes took charge and pushed offensively to tie the game back up by the 5-minute mark.

First Quarter 0-0- Andrew Pucci tackles #24 after he managed to run around Marlington’s defensive line.

The power struggle continued throughout the game with scores of 14/17 in the second quarter, 21/24 in the beginning of the 3rd, and after a hard attempt to catch back up, the game ended with 35/41. This loss ended the dukes season with a 7&3 record.


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  • Savanah Angel

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  • Mikayla Robinson

  • Rachel Sivy