2018 Stark County Model UN

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Stark County Model UN (SCHMUN) got off to an extremely productive start this Thursday at Lake High School. Numerous schools in Stark County had their resolutions written and their ideas ready to share and collaborate. Their preparation was showcased all throughout the first night.

SCHMUN gives each and every school in the county a chance to learn of and directly participate in world affairs and dealings, as if they were really the countries that they are acting as within the program. A strong sense of global debate and knowledge of structure is needed in order to make their country the most successful by the end of the three day program, and based off of what was seen on the first day alone, it seems as if the competition will be at a very high degree.

Dividing up into four separate committees - Economic and Trade, International Security, Human Rights, and Environmental - the delegates from each school worked diligently to get their resolutions seconded by other countries and inevitably passed. While most of the day was spent in country to country discussion within unmoderated caucuses, progress was made in each committee respectively.

The quickest resolution to pass was Cuba’s LGBTQ+ initiative within the Human Rights Committee, which outlined a set of requests to be implemented into the legislative guidelines for people who identify as such, and called for higher authorities to encourage diversity inside the working environment.

The International Security Committee showcased a resolution with very strong backing behind it; that being the Russian Federation’s initiative behind cybersecurity. This resolution had a high emphasis on cyberterrorism and education on terrorism as a whole. While other countries had questions regarding the ins-and-outs of the document, the resolution was backed by numerous others inside the committee, and was certainly on its way to being passed.

As the day came to a close, the foundation for a fully successful three days was completely set. The delegates know the importance of this program, and they will likely continue to push towards educating themselves in these world manners through sheer involvement and interaction alone, which serves as a testament to what this program can bring in full.

The next two days will have much more in store for how things will conclusively turn out.


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