2018-19 Softball and Baseball Outlooks

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Coming off a great season last year, the Marlington girls’ and boys’ softball and baseball teams respectively hope to keep their 2018-19 season rolling. The seniors this year have big shoes to fill after past teams have shown what Marlington is capable of doing. Opposing teams are keeping their eyes on Marlington this year as the swing into the oncoming season.

The softball team had a rough season last year, with their record being 2 wins, 5 loses, and 1 tie. The girls look to this season as a way to show how strong of a team they are after losing some great players. Coach Jessica mentions, “The key to this years season is staying strong together and communicating.” They hope to see this season go far and keep their heads up during rough times.

Coach Ferrell has high hopes for this season’s baseball squad.

“Health is the key. Once we get healthy and stay healthy we will have a solid squad from top to bottom. I’d like to see the guys be competitive, see guys grow more than there were last year, see pitchers throw more during the games, see guys grow in skill and see the guys compete for the league title and district title this year.”

Both teams are looking forward and improving with every passing day. With the season in full swing, the players hope to stay strong and prove just how tough Marlington’s softball and baseball teams are.

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